Company Policy

  • Not only your company’s purpose but also its personality would be clearly conveyed to your patrons as we are the ingenious type foundry, who has mastered the art of typography and therefore, knows the ways to present your web page in such a way so that your business only expands for the better.

    Our company policy includes all those significant values, which a customer highly expects from his/her vendor.

    • Adaptability

    Our database contains a whopping 1500 typefaces but we never said we are done with that. We are and ever willing to adapt to the newer expectations that are rising day-by-day because we are aware change is the only thing that never changes and, are, therefore, well prepared to face it anytime and every time.

    • Creativity

    Each and every typeface of us will clearly indicate you the creativity levels possessed by our designers. The typefaces are created with such creativity standard, in where they blend with the situation and the purpose of the situation all the time.

    • Comprehensibility

    All our works are based on your singular expectations and therefore, would anytime fit into your purpose and specifications. We comprehend your requirements and provide the design solutions and suggestions accordingly so that the result you expect is already half attained.